Maintenance & Care Package

Easi-Maintenance & Care Package

"We are always here to help"

The "Maintenance Package" covers everything from the removal of old waste and matter sitting on top of your lawn to checking all seam joints, sand infill levels, edging detail and the removal of any air borne spores that might look unsightly. If you have a very damp rear garden and are suffering from a build-up of moss we can remove this with a treatment. The schedule is as follows...

1. Easi-Blow

This is when we blow all waste matter and vegetation of the top of your lawn to one point where it is then collected and disposed of.

2. Easi-Inspection

Once we can clearly see the condition of the grass we will then undertake a detailed inspection of the seam joints, edge fitting, yarn condition, tucked details and exisiting infill levels. We will also inspect for any damage from the likes of wild animals (foxes or badgers) or burn damage from the likes of fireworks.

3. Easi-Intense Clean

At this stage we remove any air borne spores or weeds that have lodged in the likes of the outwe edges. We apply a user friendly weed killer spray to the area and if necessary a moss treatment. We give the final finish with a sanitised spray and fragrance shampoo to restore the lawns hygeine and rejuvenate your Easigrass garden to our high standards.

4. Easi-Brush

The final stage is to use our specialist revitaliser brush and blow equipment to raise the pile once more ready for hand over. This will keep your lawn looking great for another 12 months till our next visit.

0 - 50m²
50 - 100m²
100 - 150m²
150 - 200m²
£150 + VAT*
£200 + VAT*
£250 + VAT*
£300 + VAT*

all prices are per maintenance

5th Year
An Easi-Maintenance package is the ideal solution for keeping your grass in perfect condition all year round. We recommend a minimum of 1 visit per year, however if you have an extra special occasion coming up we can get in and give it an "Easi-Makeover" ready for any party or family celebration.

*Our Standard Terms and Conditions - The prices listed are individual maintenance charges, subject to payment to be made before the works are carried out. See for full terms and conditions