Easi-Wentworth Golf Range

Easi-Wentworth as its name suggests, this is one of our purposely designed golf putting products. Cleverly simulating the look and feel of a perfect green, customers can have a little golf putting area incorporated within their artificial grass garden.

Key Features

  • Texturising putting green surface
  • Ideal for domestic putting greens
  • Golfing surfaces to suit all skill levels
  • High resilience
  • Indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Built for the ambitious golfer

Texturised Curl 

100% Polyethylene 

15mm ±10% 

3/8 inch 

2 Tone Olive Green 

1 Tone Green Thatch 

1,500 g/m2 ±15% 

Reinforced Triple Backing 

Latex Rubber 

 60 litres per m2 per minute 

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