Easi-Kensington Grass Range

Easigrass Kensington 38mm is specifically designed for dog gardens that require a high strength and low absorption Artificial Grass product, this ensures a long life span and consistent quality from your lawn. The product features a high strength polypropylene yarn, increased density and a low-absorbent polyurethane backing.

Easigrass Pet Key Features

  • Polypropylene High Strength Yarn
  • Low-absorbent Polyurethane Backing
  • Porous
  • Pet Friendly
  • High Density Pile Thickness

Monofilament Mix


35mm +/- 10%

3/8 inch

2 Tone Apple Green

2 Tone Beige Thatch

2,615 g/m2 +/- 15%

Reinforced Double Backing


60 litres per m2 per minute

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