We are pleased to anouce this seasons new grasses are now in stock Green Elise and Espritcontinue reading →

Exciting new grasses

We ¬†are pleased to anouce we have inproveved a number of our grasses on last year and have 2 new grasses on board which we feel won't be rivalled by any other brand of artificial grass Green Elise and Espirt we feel will big a big hit this year.continue reading →

Always use registered Installers

It's becoming more regular that drive way companies and builders are putting there hand to trying to install artificial grass and it's not working we have spent a number of days recently repairing there installations were it's gone wrong so always us registered Installerscontinue reading →

Muddy gardens

As winter is up on us and gardens turn muddy it's still a great time to have artificial grass installed to stop those muddy foot prints and have a beautiful lawn. All yearcontinue reading →